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Marquise de Sévigné

A family business since 1892

Back when this story began, Clémentine and Auguste Rouzaud, a chocolatier's daughter and a mine inspector's son, had just decided to take over a little chocolate shop in the spa resort of Royat, in the Auvergne.Auguste fell in love with chocolate. He tested, measured, mixed, smelled and compared, creating both innovative techniques and astonishing flavours.At his side, Clémentine focused on selling these new creations by word of mouth.

In 1898, she sent a box of their finest chocolates to Edmond Rostand, whose play was being performed at the casino de Vichy at the time, and who was staying at the Pavillon Sévigné.
And a trademark was born... "À la Marquise de Sévigné"!

Marquise de Sévigné export their gourmet products worldwide...

The new creations kept on coming, the Marquise de Sévigné catalogue grew, and the network of retail outlets expanded: eleven shops opened in France between 1900 and 1914 and others started to appear abroad.The Madeleine branch in Paris became the meeting place for all of high society during the années folles.Clémentine Rouzaud knew how to surround herself with the right people, from politicians to stars of the stage and screen, Maharajahs to European royalty - a whole host of characters that contributed to the trademark's international renown.

...but still use traditional methods

After Clémentine passed away in 1952, her grandson Claude-Auguste Rouzaud took over and improved both the factories and the shops stores. His decided to modernise the brand, promoting the personal and pleasurable experience of purchasing chocolate. A large company bought the renowned chocolate business in 1970, closing of most of the existing shops and trying in vain to turn a luxury trademark into a supermarket one. In 1973, the Burrus family, themselves chocolatiers by trade, took over the trademark, along with its ideals and know-how. Their chocolaterie, which was founded in 1911, oversees production, from cocoa bean to mouth-watering truffle, and then on to distribution.

Come and treat your taste buds at our Chocolate Museum

Marquise de Sévigné would like to invite you to come and share our passion for chocolate in a unique setting, Strasbourg's Chocolate Museum, combining the pleasure of learning with a sensual treat.
For more information, visit the museum's website: www.musee-du-chocolat.com