Tasting area at the Marquise

Divine chocolates are accentuated by a selection of delicious teas, just steps away from the ‘Madeleine square’

The Marquise de Sévigné shop is visited for its refined chocolates, both as a treat for others or for oneself. The shop, which has been a hallmark for great taste and French elegance since 1898, proposes to extend your gastronomic experience with a tea-based evasion of the senses. Whether it be for a tea-time date with friends or for a solitary morning tasting session, come to discover a selection of fine teas from distant locations with harmonious flavours. The Marquise’s teas, which are like stories from far away beautifully enhance our succulent chocolates. What a pleasure it is to accompany green tea with a hint of lemon confit to a chocolate praline with a woody note.


Our tea selection

  • Ceylon black tea with bergamot
  • Ceylon black tea with orange, lemon and bergamot
  • Ceylon black tea with Madeleine cake
  • Oolong black tea with salted butter caramel
  • Black tea from China and Ceylon with red fruits
  • Mate, Chinese green tea and lemongrass
  • Chinese green tea and Ceylon black tea with passion fruit
  • Chinese green tea with jasmine
  • Chinese Green Tea with Red Fruits
  • Green tea from China with mint from Morocco
  • Cocktail of red fruits
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