During the summer, the Marquise prefers confectionaries

The high temperatures of this season are an enemy of chocolate.

Never mind, the Marquise de Sévigné proposes to all those with a sweet tooth to treat themselves (or others) to different wonders of French culinary heritage. A multitude of sugar-coated treats stand alongside Montélimar nougats, fruit jellies, sugar-coated almonds and hazelnuts in our Parisian shop… all these treats which do not melt under the heat!

But do you know the origins of nougat? This roasted almond treat can be found in all the Mediterranean area but is said to have existed since the dawn of time. It would seem that our Montélimar nougat’s ancestor is the nātif, a recipe from Bagdad which goes back to the 10th century! It is actually in that area that white nougat appeared, with its colour coming from the use of whipped egg whites.

As for the fruit jellies, they also appeared during the 10th century. They originally come from a preservation method which allowed people to enjoy summer fruits during other seasons. The region of Auvergne, which is also the birthplace of our chocolate shop, became specialised in fruit jelly making. We still make our fruit jellies in this region, which are handcrafted using the very finest raw ingredients.

All these treats are offered to you on 16 Tronchet road in Paris, either in cases or sold by weight.

In the shop, you will therefore have the freedom of choosing and being guided by our passionate selling team. We will re-open our e-shop in September – until this time one must visit the Marquise de Sévigné!