The season of sugar-coated treats

At Louis 14th’s court, sugared-coated treats were a favorite of the Marquise de Sévigné, who loved dipping into sumptuous golden sweet-dishes to taste this delicate almond coated in a fine layer of sugar. As a souvenir of this gesture and because this treat is a summer must-have for every family or religious celebration, your shop situated 16 Tronchet road in Paris offers a large selection of sugar-coated treats at the moment.

Whether it be for a wedding, a religious celebration or simply as a treat for your taste buds, we will be delighted to welcome you and advise you so that you find the best selection for your taste. Our sugar-coated treats, which are made in France, are prepared with Sicilian Avola variety almonds, renowned for the incomparable fineness of their flavour. They are delicately flavoured with a natural vanilla aroma. We suggest that you combine the classic white sugar-coated treat with golden, ivory, silver, powdered rose or baby blue ones.

Because pastel tones are unmissable this summer, our collection has broadened itself with a range of sugar-coated almonds from Valence. Their very gentle colors will work wonders at a wedding for example.

For a touch of originality and elegance, we also propose sugar-coated pistachios. Delicious whole pistachios sourced in Iran are sugar-coated in a tender, fashionable green shade.

As chocolate-makers at heart, we offer, of course, excellent 70% cacao sugar-coated chocolates. Disguised in vibrant colours, these treats will be a delight both for you eyes and for your taste buds.

Our in-store team will be sure to offer you the most suitable presentation for your project. Whether it be in a pretty square box or in a transparent sachet, you will be able to choose from our large choice of ribbons whichever one appeals to you!